Erich Olofsson Footh1679

Erich Olofsson Footh
MarriageAnna Månsdotter SmithView this family
October 15, 1667
de Geers Befallningsman

Death 1679

Risingeboken sid 329

Burial November 26, 1679
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Erich Olofsson Footh, de Geers Befallningsman. He died in 1679 in Vimmerby(H). He married Anna Månsdotter Smith, daughter of Måns Gunnarsson Smith and Kerstin Castensdotter, on October 15, 1667 in Risinge(E). She was born in Sätra, Risinge(E) and was buried on September 23, 1706 in Sätra, Risinge(E).